SO WHY A tea booth?

I just love tea!

This beauteaful business started as The Tea Booth and has now expanded to also offer The Tea Van, workshops and herbal tea blends.

It all started when I stopped drinking alcohol and found that water and fizzy drinks were my only options at weddings and events. So I decided I needed to spice things up a bit. I am a long time lover and blender of herbal teas and I’m on a mission to provide tea as an experience to the people of Perth.

The Tea Booth is a pastel pink pallet bar and is SO cute! I am a creative at heart and will ensure the booth not only serves delicious tea but adds that little somethin' somethin' to your event. I bring the tea and the good vibes, you just bring your favourite people!

Where do we pop up?

Think birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, wellness days and markets. The possibilities are endless! The Tea Booth will pop up within a 50km radius of Perth CBD. If you live outside of this zone please get in touch and we will try to accommodate your event. You can find our pricing info here.

What do we serve?

We have a huge range of teas so we can tailor our brews to your special event. We can dish up traditional hot teas as well as herbal tea blends and refreshing iced teas. View our full menu.

Want to enjoy our teas in the comfort of your own home? You can peruse our range here.

the tea van

We can rock up in a boho caravan and serve your tea to your guests in style! Go here to find out more.


Of course you do! They’re delicious! Just get in touch here.

Need more info? Hola at us here.

Follow us on Instagram @theteabooth to find out where we are popping up next.
I can't wait to serve you some of our delicious brews!

- Jess xx