The Ultimate Tea Blending Experience!

We want to change the way you think about tea and how you taste tea. This is a two hour workshop that has a focus on how you can incorporate tea into your daily rituals to cultivate a self-care practice. You will learn the tea tasting technique and how to blend your own teas and herbal tisanes to your taste palette. Take away your new blend to enjoy at home!

This is an intimate workshop that is best facilitated for up to 8 tea lovers. Please check out our events page for upcoming workshop dates.

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Tea + Mindfulness

Starting with a tea meditation, we will delve into the concept of daily rituals and how being more present can bring joy to your day.

While tasting various types of teas, you will also get a mini tea education and learn the proper tea tasting technique that will change the way you slurp!

With a tea sample to take home, you will walk away from this workshop feeling relaxed, inspired …and full of delicious tea!

If you’re interested in hosting this workshop for your workplace, girlfriends or wellness day then please Contact Us!